Plumbing Services in North Shore & West Auckland

Reliable plumbing services are crucial to any construction project. For instance, if you are planning a small renovation at home for a kitchen or bathroom space, you will want to make sure that the plumbing work is not only high quality and completed in time but also in line with your vision for the rest of the space and on budget. On the other hand, if you are a builder working on a brand new development like a community of townhouses, plumbing becomes even more important as it is closely tied to the success of your project.

Z Plumbing specialises in residential plumbing and commercial plumbing projects around Auckland, mainly on the North Shore, West Auckland and Auckland CBD. We have also begun providing maintenance services and residential works, ensuring that Auckland homeowners have a team of reliable plumbers available for any emergency and regular repair or maintenance work. Our workmanship is always top quality and we strive to provide a reasonable price for everything we do.

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